About us

Independent civil association  ETHOS is a voluntary civil association focusing on ethics, humanism and secularism.

Our aims:

  • building and strengthening of a secular society, dissociated with any religion or ideology and based on a worldview neutrality
  • promoting of equality of all citizens regardless of their worldview, opinion, race, ethnicity, gender, political, social, cultural, religious or other differences and sexual orientation
  • protection of the rights of atheists, agnostics, skeptics and other rational-minded and free-thinking people
  • universal development of human personality according to the principles of secular ethics and promoting dialogue between religious and non-religious people
  • to support and strengthen principles of tolerance, democracy, pluralism, mutual respect, solidarity, sustainable living and non-violence
  • cultivation of respect for humanistic and environmental values
  • promoting rational, scientific and sceptical approach

Contact us

ethos [at] sekularisti.sk